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Transparent Observations 

Hospitality Consulting that Makes a Difference by

"Inspiring" You

We will assess your operation thru an undercover boss style approach, while maintaining transparency within the organization.  Then share our high level observations and make recommendations for improvement and the necessary in the following areas:

  • Assess and Optimize Deployment 

  • Identify Talent and Team Development 

  • Provide Transparent Communication 

  • Create a Culture of Accountability 

  • Drive Top Line Revenue Opportunities 

  • Identify Sustainable Cost Savings

  • Increase Profitability Results for all Stakeholders 


The key to any business in any industry involves hospitality on some level. For some companies, that might look like great customer service, while for others, it might look more like timely work or accurate information. A good hospitality consultant and effective hospitality consulting will start there, with the business in mind.

At iYou Hospitality Consulting, we understand that every business and every industry is different, and they each have their unique jargon and nuances. Simply put, what that means is that hospitality will be defined differently for each company and each industry. Although the hospitality industry itself with businesses like hotels, vacation rentals, and B&B's are often the first thing people think of when talking about hospitality, the benefits of hospitality reach far beyond just the hospitality industry.

It doesn't matter what type of business it is or in what industry is involved in the conversation, hospitality is an important factor in many areas. "A good hospitality consultant can help to find any broken links and help companies improve in the different areas where hospitality matters - which is everywhere". From working relationships among co-workers, supervisors, and their teams, to business relationships such as suppliers and merchandisers to customers, hospitality techniques make a difference.

If you are interested in learning more about our hospitality consulting, then we would be honored to sit down and have that conversation with you. We are iYou Hospitality Consulting, "Inspiring" you and your business to be better and to become better. Contact us today, and let us begin building a better tomorrow for everyone with smart, effective, and proven hospitality consulting.

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