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About Me

David Salcfas founded iYou Hospitality Consulting during the Covid 19 pandemic to provide his expertise to so many professionals seeking a depth of knowledge and genuine support. David is a Hotel Operations Expert that stabilizes all disciplines at the property level no matter what the circumstances are, available virtually anywhere in the world... He started his career over thirty-five years ago and is a proven leader in the hospitality industry, where he enhances the employee, guest and ownership experience, while using sound financial acumen. He is a liaison with local organizations as an active board member to serve our communities and functions as a strategic partner to all stakeholders. He has served as an Executive Committee Member in twenty three positions at sixteen hotels across five brands and several restaurants.

David is ready to "Inspire YOU" Today!


David's Personal Mantra based on his humble experience from the operational front lines to the executive board room...

  • Your energy and enthusiasm will not only be noticed but contagious

  • Lead from the front and enjoy what you do in the service industry

  • Balance being empathetic, courteous, kind, patient & candid to the point 

  • Tell people what you know, not what you think

  • Hold yourself and others accountable

  • Focus on getting things done

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